Freetown Innovation Week



The opening ceremony was a highly anticipated event that kicked off the Freetown innovation week. The opening ceremony was anchored by Ms.Lamarahna Bah who tried her very best to guide the agenda through to the climax of the event, which was attended by a diverse group of individuals, including entrepreneurs, business leaders, investors, and government officials.The event started with an opening statement from the host Ms. Lamrahna Bah, who gave a summary on the importance and focus of the Freetown Innovation week she then invited the CEO/MD Mr. Francis Stevens George who also re-echored the focus and story behind the Freetown Innovation Week,which is to     he then concluded by welcoming all that was present.There was also a statement made by Orange Foundation Center(ODC) who are one of the major sponsors for the event. The speech was delivered by Madam Phyna Stevens George, who registered their excitement and fulfillment in being part of the FIW as its focus aligns with their vision so they are proud to make history alongside Innovation SL in putting together the first ever Freetown Innovation week. Immediately after the speech the host Ms. Lamarahna Bah beckoned on the MD/CEO Mr. Francis Stevens George to officially Launch the event.

Mr. Francis Stevens George, called the whole organizing team(namely;Julliet Josiah,Francess Beresford-Renner, Pamela Harouna,Lamrahna Bah,Lucynda Kabia,Ngevao Sesay) led by Ms. Hassanatu Jalloh as he made known his gratitude and appreciation not forgetting to mention how proud he is of the team as they were able to mount the challenge and aced the delivery. Mr. Francis Stevens George also craved the indulges of the audience to practice what they preach because he has been a testament of the phrase by having 95% of his staff as female and also creating women led opportunities by appointing female leaders and senior managers. The keynote speaker Madam Michaella Mackay, a renowned business and DPG’s expert, gave an inspiring speech on the importance of innovation and collaboration in business.  The ceremony also included a showcase of some of the most innovative businesses in the city and an opportunity for attendees to network and connect with other like-minded individuals.