Innovation SL is an innovation and technology management company as well as an entrepreneurship support organization (ESO). As an ESO, we place a strong emphasis on entrepreneurship and the vital mission of fostering growth-oriented start-ups by creating a vibrant, efficient ecosystem and helping to support innovators and business owners in Sierra Leone. Building a thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem that will encourage disruptive, high-growth, and value-creating start-up entrepreneurs in Sierra Leone is Innovation SL’s main goal. The company IDENTIFIES,COACHES and SUPPORTS entrepreneurs creating innovative business concepts and tackling important problems. In order to support the growth and development of digital entrepreneurs, Innovation SL also creates digital solutions by making contributions to a digital infrastructure.

Due to our focus and goals, which are geared towards enhancing the entrepreneurial ecosystem of Sierra Leone and to also see Sierra Leonean entrepreneurs realize their potentials to the brim and over, we run a coworking space, a combined incubator and accelerator (Innovations Axis), supply chain/logistics, B2B and B2C enablers, fashion and fashion accessories, agriculture (Agtech, sustainable A), social innovators/social impact start-ups, and more. We collaborate closely with other companies that share our vision and objectives in order to realize our organizational focus.




The week will  provide opportunities for attendees to connect with other innovators, share ideas, and learn from experts in their field. This will include keynote speeches, networking  and interactive sessions that encourage collaboration and idea sharing. The goal is to inspire attendees to think big and to push the boundaries of what is possible.

Innovation is the cornerstone of the Freetown Innovation week. The week will showcase the latest ideas, technologies, and processes that are driving innovation in the city. This includes exhibits, presentations, and workshops that highlight local startups, research institutions, and innovative companies. The goal is to inspire attendees to think creatively and to spark new ideas that can drive growth and development in the city.

 The week explores how emerging technologies and trends will shape the future of the city and the world. This includes discussions on topics such as sustainability and  STEM, among others. The goal is to help attendees prepare for the future by understanding the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.