Freetown Innovation Week

Our Story

Innovation SL Ltd (Innosl) is an Entrepreneurship Support Organization (ESO) and an Innovation & Technology Management company established in January 2017. Our major focus is building a vibrant Entrepreneurial Ecosystem that will incubate and accelerate disruptive, high-growth and value creating Start up entrepreneurs &MSMEs & SMEs in Sierra Leone. We believe entrepreneurship is a key source of economic diversification, job creation and economic development. As MSMEs & SMEs are critical to Sierra Leone’s development, so is the support needed to ensure the success of the entrepreneurs behind them. As an Entrepreneur Support Organizations (ESOs) we see ourselves as critical to the success of the entrepreneurship sector, providing entrepreneurs with business training, investment readiness development, access to markets, building resilience capacity, networks and mentors, mobilizing financial and social capital, and in-kind support.  In addition to MSMEs & SMEs, we are one of the keys to unlocking the pipeline of early-stage innovation in Sierra Leone and driving investment and job creation across the country.

We believe that entrepreneur support organizations (ESOs) are the key to unlocking pipeline and catalyzing early stage investment across the continent; the entrepreneur support sector is critical to the future of sustainable economies in Africa “Village Capital  Unlocking Pipeline. Read more.




The week will  provide opportunities for attendees to connect with other innovators, share ideas, and learn from experts in their field. This will include keynote speeches, networking  and interactive sessions that encourage collaboration and idea sharing. The goal is to inspire attendees to think big and to push the boundaries of what is possible.

Innovation is the cornerstone of the Freetown Innovation week. The week will showcase the latest ideas, technologies, and processes that are driving innovation in the city. This includes exhibits, presentations, and workshops that highlight local startups, research institutions, and innovative companies. The goal is to inspire attendees to think creatively and to spark new ideas that can drive growth and development in the city.

 The week explores how emerging technologies and trends will shape the future of the city and the world. This includes discussions on topics such as sustainability and  STEM, among others. The goal is to help attendees prepare for the future by understanding the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.